Expert Witness

I prepare a range of reports both in public and private law proceedings in relation to:

  • Decisions on placement, adoption, long-term foster care and special guardianship
  • Parenting assessments e.g. in relation to residence and contact.
  • Family assessments on the impact of domestic violence, learning difficulties and mental illness on family functioning.

I have been preparing reports for court as an Independent Expert Witness for several years and have extensive experience of giving evidence.  Many of my reports have concerned complex issues surrounding contact, whilst others have commented on the long-term effects of abuse.  I have also acted in cases of medical negligence and personal injury claims in issues such as the diagnosis and treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I am trained in the legal aspects of report writing, giving evidence in court and the responsibilities of a single/joint expert.

• Average number of new instructions per year: 150
• Number of reports written in the last three years: 400+
• Number of court appearances in the last three years: 40+