The structure of the initial clinical assessment

My secretarial team and I are very much aware that children, young people and their families often present in distress at times of crisis and require a prompt, flexible and sympathetic assessment, quickly leading to a comprehensive and realistic treatment plan which provides support for the whole family. Developing a formulation and/or diagnosis leading to an agreed treatment plan normally takes four sessions. Occasionally, additional sessions are required, depending on the complexity of the presenting complaint.  A formal referral from the GP is required however referrals from professionals e.g. a SENCO or Social Worker is also accepted.

The First Session is for your child accompanied by key family members to meet with myself and feel comfortable in a new clinical environment. I will outline my professional responsibilities in relation to confidentiality and child protection within this session and will provide forms seeking permission to contact school and may also ask for other clinical assessment forms to be completed.  Copies of any relevant assessments conducted previously are welcomed.

The Second Session is for your child only to see me and discuss any worries. It is often helpful to bring a toy, book or game with which the child feels familiar as an introduction to this session. Electronic toys are not encouraged.

The Third Session is for the parent(s) or any involved adults to discuss their concern in more details and begin to explore the range of treatment options.

The Fourth Session is for the family to meet again with myself to discuss the way forward and agree a treatment plan leading to a formal letter being sent to the family and GP, summarising the outcome of the assessment.

The cost of the first session is £300 and the three follow-ups are £200 each, making a total of £900. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour. It may be necessary to involve the GP in further investigations e.g. assessment of height, weight, blood pressure and pulse rate.  In relation to Autistic Spectrum Disorders specifically, it is important to involve additional expertise in the form of a Specialist Speech & Language Assessment and Educational Psychology Assessment before formal diagnosis and recommendations in relation to educational support will be agreed with the Local Educational Authority, often in the form of an Education Health & Care Plan.

Following the initial assessment, the agreed treatment plan may well include further sessions with myself, including the prescription and review of medication and therapeutic approaches including individual psychotherapeutic work such as low-key CBT and family therapy. Ongoing sessions are at the rate of £200 per session.

Self-funding Payment Methods

We accept payment by cash, cheque and most credit cards. We cannot accept American Express.

Private Healthcare Insurance

Insured patients are most welcome.

Cheshire Child Psychiatry is a recognised provider for many of the leading insurance companies. If you don’t see your provider below, don’t let that put you off, give our office a call so we can advise you further.

If you wish to go through your insurance provider, you must notify them prior to attending to obtain authorisation for treatment. They will also inform you as to whether:

• a medical referral is necessary (almost always required)
• any excess on the policy
• there are any restrictions on the number of treatments allowed
• there is a limit on the amount that can be claimed

We engage in a direct claims process for most health insurance companies. A ‘Direct Claim’ means that when you attend our clinic with an authorisation and policy number, we will invoice the insurance company directly on your behalf, saving you from the inconvenience and expense of laying out the fees then having to claim them back.

Please note that we operate a 48-hour cancellation policy otherwise full fees will apply